At Westwood Consulting, we will work with your company to define and evaluate your issues, propose innovative solutions, implement the solutions, then monitor their success.  Our first priority is to understand your business and the issues you face.  From there, we will propose the solutions to create the most value possible for your organization. 

Compensation Plan Design: 
   Job evaluation and grading, market reviews, salary structure 
   development, merit increase programs, executive compensation   

Incentive Plan Design:
   Short-term incentives, sales commission plans, long-term incentives

• Performance Management:
   Innovative program designs & approaches

Equity Programs:
   Stock-based incentives

Talent Pool Management: 
   Succession & talent development planning, talent deployment

Global Mobility:
   Expatriate programs and relocation plan designs

Human Resource Consulting: 
   Employee policies, performance issues, strategies

 Career Coaching:  Guidance for the management of your career

Our experience and innovation provides you with strategic solutions